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About Us


Hi, welcome to Gidgee Estate! My name is Kathryn, and I love pottering in the flower garden and growing veg for our plates. I have been a teacher for 30 years and have always kept a flower and vegetable garden, however in the last 10 years my husband Wes, and I have focused on building our family gardens into something we can share with others. Gardening takes a lot of learning, trialling and a whole lot of weeding. Gidgee Estate is located on 22 acres with two large dams which receive the townships water off-flow. Originally the block of land operated as a brickworks with high levels of clay soil. The importance of regenerating the soil quality over time has allowed plants, trees and produce to flourish alongside the natural water source. Our plans have developed from a family home and garden to providing a destination for locals and visitors to enjoy our small slice of paradise. Primarily Gidgee Estate is a plant nursery and florist, with opportunities to host weddings and events. 

Where we began

The idea of being able to grow our own fruit and vegetables whilst enjoying a beautiful garden has been at the forefront of our planning with Gidgee Estate. Initially, the land was purchased purely for the use of the family home, but after our daughter got married in 2019 our mindset shifted to purpose planting and a more structured garden design. We have always had 500 projects on the go, and they tend to change and develop over many family dinners and a champagne or two. When the land was first purchased there were about 3 trees and a small dairy shed. With years of trialling different plants and focussing on soil regeneration, we have been able to form a garden that we are happy to share with the public. 

Where we are going

Gidgee Estate's overall aim is to provide you with a sense of home amongst pretty blooms and a growing garden. Our plans keep growing similarly to our plants and we hope to implement our background in teaching to give children access to our garden and services.

For now, Gidgee Estate is focusing on building a barn-style structured nursery that will have a dual purpose for weddings and events. We want to be able to operate all year round and with a working garden, with the addition of a glasshouse to be able to grow all of our favourite veg and blooms. Alongside our garden, GE is home to two pups; Quinnie and Prince, two cows; Mae and Mabel, four goats, two cats, silkies, bantams, chicks and ducks.  

Future goals for us at the moment would be to host ticketed events, such as long lunches, fundraisers as well as group workshops for all ages. 


Stay connected for our ever-changing garden and fun projects, you never know what will be next. 

Meet the Team

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