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not your regular nursery

 Gidgee Gardens is a working garden in which we aim to provide a whole experience for our garden lovers, and more specifically our garden learners. We have curated our garden to accommodate the purposeful shopper, as well as those who are beginning their gardening journey. Gidgee Gardens showcases ideal plants, trees and flowers for the conditions of the Temora region. We hope that by walking through our garden and seeing how and where particular plants are situated, you will be able to get some ideas for your own garden.

The exploration of soil quality and garden preparation has been a large focus at GE and we are happy to impart our own knowledge to assist with the process of gardening. Gidgee Gardens currently has two cut flower gardens with the sole purpose of curating beautiful seasonal bunches which are available in the Temora area. 

We know you won't always be buying for yourself, we have partnered with some amazing Australian-owned brands that focus on sustainability, simplicity and luxury which can be gifted to the special someone you have in mind. 


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